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Who We Are & What We Do

The Real Options Group was formed by some of the pioneers in Real Options thinking and practice. This fact gives us an unrivalled advantage when it comes to applying our knowledge and expertise to creating value in a business environment full of uncertainties and contingencies. With our expertise focused around various industrial sectors and our own pioneering research into the application of Real Options to managerial practice, we are uniquely qualified to advise companies on how best to apply Real Options thinking to the particular challenges in their sector. Our services have helped many of the world’s major corporations to understand the value of managerial flexibility and innovate or lead by embracing uncertainty and contingent decision-making.

By deploying some of the sharpest and most experienced minds in the field, backed by sophisticated proprietary modeling tools and an international network of specialist Associate “problem solvers,” ROG can tackle problems as diverse as valuing an oil field in Mexico, identifying undervalued stocks on NASDAQ or the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50, valuing a UMTS license in Europe, or more accurately valuing film rights in Hollywood. By maintaining close links with academe –and indeed driving much new research internally –we remain constantly at the cutting edge of Real Options thinking.

At the heart of our approach is a sequential management process (involving problem structuring, evaluation and implementation) called Strategic Real Options Valuation (S-ROV™). This forms the basis of our service offerings in management consulting that focus on internal value creation: Project design and valuation, Capital allocation & product portfolio management, and Corporate strategy and valuation. It also provides a bottom up approach (to supplement our top-down statistical growth potential analysis) for our Corporate finance and valuation advisory and Equity research /market analysis services that help companies realize value through an external perspective.  With the above core services family offerings, the Real Options Group can help companies design, manage and value individual projects or portfolios of investment projects, divisions, or entire companies, and give managers and investors strategic insights into the sources of value creation within organizations and value realization in interacting with the external capital markets. We can also help companies with competitor analysis, risk management, incentives, and investor relations, and we can help fund managers and investors with their security selection, industry ranking and asset management or fund raising challenges, especially those involving growth companies.

As leaders in the development of Real Options, we have particular expertise in applying our thinking and methodologies in the fields of biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and media, internet/technology, energy/natural resources, financial services and emerging markets. Sectors as these are particularly amenable to Real Options Valuation because of the uncertainty and contingencies inherent in many of their embedded investment projects and strategies.

To implement our approach effectively, we have developed cutting-edge modeling tools to help our consultants and their clients understand and analyze the value of the Real Options embedded within their company, its investment projects and growth opportunities. Besides our bottom-up options approach, to analyze the value of a company in the capital markets from an external, top-down market perspective using market data we have also developed Real Options Security Analysis™, a proprietary system that identifies undervalued stocks or assets within growth sectors such as the semiconductor industry.