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Executive Training & Conferences

ROG offers executive training programs and organizes regular workshops and conferences which aim to train executives to manage flexibly under uncertainty with concrete practical benefits. Our practitioner workshops and conferences use the powerful perspective of real options analysis to focus on valuation issues in various sectors of the new economy.

As a new valuation, project management, and strategic decision-making paradigm real options is revolutionizing the corporate world through its ability to deal with the unprecedented rate of economic change that has created a new level of uncertainty about technologies and industries. Real options, which capitalizes on this uncertainty, provides the basis for a decision making culture which is conducive to adaptation, learning, risk taking and innovation. Real options captures both the value of managerial flexibility which allows a firm to adapt to unexpected market developments, as well as the strategic value that results from proving a new technology, capitalizing on dynamic or cross-project synergies, and strategic or competitive positioning. Such managerial operating flexibility and strategic adaptability are crucial for capitalizing on favorable investment opportunities or limiting losses from adverse market developments. Real options provides companies with a more accurate value assessment of flexibility as well as a decision map that is responsive to changing business conditions.

Those attending our real options workshops and practitioner conferences are expected to benefit from the following concrete benefits:

  • Learn how to make flexible step-by-step decisions and adapt to change to gain competitive advantage

  • Take advantage of uncertainty to capitalize on upside opportunities while limiting downside risk

  • Translate your corporate strategic plans into forward-looking real option value that enhances shareholders´ wealth and market price

  • Understand (and communicate) the advantages of options thinking compared to discounted cash flow analysis

  • Learn how to structure your contracts to leave you valuable flexibility

  • Quantify the value of strategic investment opportunities

  • Value technology companies

  • Learn about successful applications in Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Telecoms & Media, Internet &Technology, Oil & Gas/Energy & Resources investments, Contractual Options, and Corporate Strategy 

  • Benefit from the experiences of leading corporations that are currently using real options

  • Consider the benefits and challenges of adapting real options into your organization

  • Meet and interact with international thought leaders and peers from leading corporations

We also provide custom-specialized (industry-focused) conferences and training programmes, both via open training workshops and in-house corporate seminars for interested organizations. As leaders in the development of Real Options we have particular expertise in applying our thinking and methodologies to specific industries, acquired through our extensive consulting experiences with "best-in-class" organizations.

Our training programmes are targeted to CEOs, CFOs, Heads of Strategy, Vice Presidents, Directors, Investment Bankers, Operating Managers and Analysts in:

  • Corporate Finance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Portfolio Management

  • Risk Management

  • Market Valuation/Security Analysis

  • Information Technology

  • R&D

  • Marketing

Our training programmes and conferences are delivered by members of ROG's management team, our international network of Associates, and by selected company executives. In the recent past we delivered many professional conferences and workshops co-sponsored or co-organized with leading professional organizations such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Boston Consulting Group, and Morgan Stanley. We have also hosted speakers from such leading organizations as Airbus, Andersen Consulting, Boeing, BCG, British Gas, British Petroleum, Cable & Wireless, Cambridge U., Columbia U., CRA, Credit Suisse First Boston, Dell, Deloitte Consulting, Eletrobras, Ernst & Young, Ford, Harvard U., J. P. Morgan, McKinsey & Co, MIT, Monitor Group, Morgan Stanley, Philips Electronics, PwC, Rio Tinto, Schlumberger, Shell, Sprint, Statoil, Stern Stewart, Texaco etc.

Come meet our real options leaders and practitioners and learn how real options analysis can be applied in a variety of growth and other industries in intuitive ways that enhance shareholder value. Our educational platforms are designed to also allow senior corporate executives and financial professionals to interact and discuss critical issues of business and investment strategy. The insights and contacts that our workshops and conferences bring will be of lasting value to you and your organization. We look forward to welcoming you to our exciting, innovative and learning-packed events.

ROG, is the main sponsor of the website and organizer of the Annual International Conference on Real Options: Theory Meets Practice, which is the prime industry event attended by the most active academics and corporations worldwide.