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Team Structure  

Working teams at the Real Options Group are typically structured to deploy an array of insights and skills to ensure the best outcome for the client. Led by a partner, the team will comprise a director, project manager, numerical team manager, a consultant and an analyst. Where necessary, our teams are assisted by one of our specialist Associates if their specific skills are required. Interns, too, are able to gain useful on-the-job experience as part of a ROG consulting team.

Although each member of the team has specific responsibilities, we collaborate and share insights to ensure the highest quality service for our clients.

Partners in the Real Options Group are specialists in particular industries and this gives them the insight and authority to develop solutions and strategies that help the client maximise value through flexible decision-making. Partners lead the consulting team and act as the primary interface with the client.

Directors & Associates
Directors too are chosen for their expertise in applying Real Options thinking to industrial decision-making problems, and assist the partner in developing and implementing the optimum strategy for the client.

Our Associates augment the consulting team by bringing specific expertise and insights drawn from the cutting edge of academic research in fields as diverse as game theory and portfolio management.

Project Manager
An expert in Real Options and business strategy, the Project Manager assumes day to day control of the project, interacting with both the team and its clients to ensure the smoothest problem-solving operation. The Project Manager deploys team members to tackle specific tasks throughout the different stages of the project and works with the partner and director to plan the optimum strategy for the client.

Numerical Team Manager
While other members of the team help the client frame the strategic aspects of the problem, the Numerical Team Manager is responsible for the mathematical modeling of the project. Although this will typically involve our revolutionary Real Options Modular Engine software, the NTM can also develop tailor-made solutions that even more effectively model and quantify the client’s available options.

Consultants, Analysts and Interns
Consultants, Analysts and Interns play an important role in all stages of the project, collecting and analysing data and working with the client and senior team members to frame the problem in such a way that it can be quantified.