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Real Options Graphical Software (ROGS)     

ROG’s key tool for problem structuring and Real Option Valuation is its revolutionary software platform, Real Options Graphical Software. ROGS is a graphical, modular, user-friendly software that is well suited for structuring the problem’s contingent decisions and interrelated options via an “option map” and providing accurate valuation results regardless of the complexity of the problem. Its modular and flexible design allows modeling complex problems of almost any structure. It can handle a large number of uncertain variables (value drivers), any number or type of optionalities, and alternative stochastic processes (random walk, mean reversion etc). It also has an embedded simulation capability so a problem can be solved in several alternative ways methodologically. Its outputs include representation of the problem as an option map, determination of total project (or company) value inclusive of options (expanded NPV), a breakdown of total value by option source or stage, a ranking of the impact on project value of key value drivers, sensitivity to key input parameters, a risk profile (with below-breakeven probability), and optimal investment guidelines (critical trigger values for when to exercise).


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