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Recent Engagements 

The following provide a sample of recent engagements with best-in class corporations:

·         Accenture had signed an alliance with ROG to provide real-options consulting services to their clients and co-develop areas of application

·         Ernst & Young, PwC, BCG, and Morgan Stanley have co-sponsored or co-organized with ROG various professional conferences or workshops on real options

·         Morgan Stanley engaged ROG to work jointly on several of their clients in various sectors (e.g., semiconductors, pharmaceuticals)

·         The Fiat Group engaged ROG to assess a start up investment in e-space to create a multi-brand business-to-consumer e-commerce portal

·         Cable & Wireless engaged ROG to value alternative access technologies in telecommunications and multiple operating options in deploying a network in the U.K.

·         Swisscom engaged ROG to advise them on the optimal strategy to adopt in 3rd generation mobile services and bidding for a UMTS license in Germany

·         Telecom Italia sought ROG’s advice on the insurance role of intermediate (2.5) technologies in light of a slow pick up in UMTS demand and the integration between mobile and fixed line services, as well as for providing executive training services