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At the heart of ROG’s products & services portfolio are four main service family offerings – Management Consulting & Strategy (covering Project Design & Valuation, Capital Allocation & Product Portfolio Management, Corporate Strategy & Valuation, and Scenario Planning), Corporate Finance & Valuation Advisory (covering IPO's and M&A, Fund Raising, and Fairness Opinions), and Equity Research/Market analysis services (providing Company and Sector Reports, Index/Sector Rankings, and On-line Security Analysis). In addition, On-line Services, Executive Training & Conferences are designed to complement and encompass aspects of all the above areas. Our  management consulting and market/equity services have specialized offerings in the above areas. Management consulting products & services are focused more on the internal valuation and management processes of the company, whereas market/equity products are partly based on market data and external statistical analysis.

Our various product/service line offerings are inter-related and all contribute in the process of creating and realizing shareholder value. Management consulting products and services typically start with Project design and valuation and move up to  Capital allocation & product portfolio management. Good project design is a cornerstone of sound product portfolio management, and both help determine the company’s intrinsic value as assessed through the company’s internal operations and processes from the bottom-up. Equity research and market analysis takes a market-driven, top-down approach to the company and can help bring to the light any discrepancies between the company’s intrinsic worth and the investor’s perception of the company’s worth in the market place. Armed with a clearer understanding of how value is being created within the company and how it is getting realized in the market place, managers may find it easier to more credibly communicate their business strategies and embedded strategic options to the market, while investors and fund managers may do a better job in selecting out those companies that are under or over performing their sectors with respect to their growth potential.

With these core product/service offerings ROG can help companies design, manage, evaluate, and more credibly communicate (the merits of) an investment, a portfolio of investment projects, a division, or an entire company, giving managers and investors strategic insights into the sources of value creation and realization within companies and in the market place. At the same time, our Corporate Finance Advisory and Equity Research/Market Analysis services can help establish a meaningful valuation for a company as a whole and benchmark it against rivals in its industry. Regardless of which of the above product/service family lines the initial engagement with the client starts from, subsequent progression of services into the other areas will help the company create and realize value within a systematic end-to-end process.