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President's Letter

The recent media coverage and fascination about the new, break-through valuation approach of real options (Business Week, USA Today, Economist, CFO, CFO Europe) has attracted the attention of many leading corporations around the globe. I am pleased to introduce you to the Real Options Group, which was formed to serve this clear market need.

ROG, originated by a group of leading academics and practitioners, aims to be the leader in real-options based management consulting and equity research/firm valuation services, and in providing comprehensive enterprise solutions. ROG currently focuses on four main service offering areas: management consulting (which includes project design and valuation, capital allocation and product portfolio management, corporate strategy and valuation), corporate finance advisory (IPO and M&A valuation, private fund raising and fairness opinions), equity research and market analysis, and online services, exec training and conferences. ROG's holistic enterprise package solution envisions extending real options into strategy and competition, overall risk management, portfolio issues, compensation and other related services.

ROG, the main sponsor of the website and organizer of the Annual International Conference on Real Options: Theory Meets Practice (the prime industry event attended by the most active academics and corporations worldwide), also aims to be the uncontested leader in executive training and custom specialized conferences in real options and strategy, both via open training workshops and in-house corporate seminars.

ROG assets and sources of competitive advantage include collecting the best human talent in real options, with recognized thought leadership and credibility in the field (as real options was primarily developed by some of the ROG associates); links to the best academic institutions in the world and a global network of industry and business practitioners; capability for continued intellectual leadership, enabling ROG to address the most innovative or tailor-made problems, now or in the future; and proprietary modeling tools (comprehensive user-friendly software) capable of handling anything from R&D/pharmaceuticals, oil project valuation, valuing technology companies in telecom or internet /e-commerce, to strategic issues and competitive reactions, to complexities arising from multiple option interactions.

ROGís international network of associates  can help serve clients in every region around the globe. In addition we can capitalize on our network of complementary experts (e.g., in the areas of decision analysis/scenario planning, risk and portfolio management, and executive compensation).

ROG has applied knowledge and successful case applications with respected international companies. ROG associates have been developing specific valuation procedures that are addressed to the critical decision factors of specific industry sectors. Such procedures are the result of long-term work that has benefited from strategic knowledge, field experiences, and numerical competencies. Associates have  applied real options within a variety of major multinationals, including FIAT, Philips, and Marconi in the technology sector, Cable & Wireless, Swisscom and Telecom Italia in the telecommunications industry, British Petroleum and other energy companies, Eli Lilly, Schering Plough, Glaxo Wellcome and Medigene in the pharmaceuticals sector, the U.S. and Dutch Governments, and others.

ROG's Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) consists of experienced executives from a variety of leading corporations around the world in a range of industries, who have applied or are currently applying the new methodology, and can serve as testimonials of its usefulness in a variety of sectors. Our distinguished Academic Advisory Board (including several Nobel laureates) attests to the credibility and quality of our team and its capability for continual innovation and leadership in the field.

We value highly our Wall Street link. The investment community is increasingly mindful of a firmís potential for future growth (e.g., valuation of high-tech companies, IPO's, M&As etc).  Our group is in a unique position to bridge this critical gap between Main Street and Wall Street: we offer both management consulting services that help companies create value through their internal operations as well as corporate finance, equity research/market analysis services that help them realize value in the market place. ROG has also been involved in a range of collaborative relationships on specific products or areas of application with leading consulting and professional services organizations (such as Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture) and investment banks (e.g., Morgan Stanley Dean Witter). For example, in the past ROG had signed a strategic alliance with Accenture to co-develop products and help their clients, and has worked with  Morgan Stanley to help support several of their clients.

As a reputable multi-cultured group, ROG is best positioned to take advantage of the growing need for adaptability in an era of increasing uncertainty and globalization and to serve as a bridge between value creation on Main Street and value realization on Wall Street.

We hope you give us the opportunity to show you the potentially significant value-added of our research, training and consulting services to your organization.  



Lenos Trigeorgis

President, ROG