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The Real Options Group aims to be the world leader in real options-based research, training and consulting services by supporting our client's decision-making process through the provision of comprehensive real options-based enterprise solutions. ROG is in a unique position to link (and bridge the gap between) a company’s value creation through its internal operations and value realization through its communication with the capital markets. ROG is committed to support business clients in adopting Real Option Valuation (ROV) across the organization, providing useful tools for enhancing shareholder value under uncertainty and improving their decision making and asset or portfolio management processes.

ROG believes in providing comprehensive real options-based enterprise package solutions,  ranging from internal value-creating management consulting services such as project design and valuation, capital allocation & product portfolio management, corporate strategy and valuation, to external value-realization advisory services such as corporate finance (IPO, M&A valuation), equity research/market analysis, risk management, managerial incentives & organizational adoption, executive training & conferences, and related services.

ROG’s operating strategy is to support our clients by employing a sequential management process supported by cutting-edge methodological tools and a technology platform that extends world-class Real Options Valuation capability into total enterprise solutions. Our products and services are offered directly through our advisory services as well as channeled through a mix of alliances with best-in-class firms and on-line distribution outlets. The successful achievement of our corporate mission rests on three fundamental ingredients:

Continual Innovation    We invest in advanced valuation technologies through constant innovation and R&D processes that enable ROG to constantly improve its valuation and software platforms in a flexible and modular way so that different classes of problems such as project design and valuation, capital allocation and portfolio management, market/security analysis, competitive games etc. can be accommodated into a unified user-friendly valuation engine.

Packaging Innovative Products & Services     The result of our innovative efforts is to turn our valuation capabilities into a mix of innovative services that collectively provide a Total Enterprise Package Solution, covering anything from strategic decision making, to valuation, security analysis, asset management and investor relations.

Flexible Distribution Channels     Besides our in-house advisory services, we additionally aim to distribute our products and services through two key channels:

  • On-line selling services. Some of our services, such as our company reports, index/sector rankings, sector reports, client custom services, case studies, market/security analysis, and real options software, take particular advantage of on-line distribution opportunities. ROG can exploit any on-line opportunity to reach its clients with a wide range of services and products through our transaction-type web site.

  • Alliances with “best-in-class” players with an established client base and business contacts. Such non-exclusive agreements are of benefit to both parties: ROG, as a knowledge company, brings its competitive advantages and contents development, whereas its partners, usually contents packagers, can better exploit their established client base and market potential and offer superior tailored products to their customers. A representative key alliance with a best-in-class player ROG signed in the past is the one with Accenture. A sample of a regional alliance to exploit opportunities in Holland and the Benelux region is one signed with First Dutch Capital.