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Financial Services

The financial services sector continues to experience dramatic changes with globalization, deregulation, intensified competition, and integration of services into financial supermarkets. As markets get redefined and blurred, customer needs and expectations change, the effects of the internet economy become more pervasive, and M&As redefine the competitive landscape, the ability to both anticipate and adapt to change, make the right strategic decisions, and manage the right portfolios in a dynamic environment is crucial.

Financial services companies, like investment or commercial banks, fund management companies etc. may find our services helpful for them or for their clients. Whether they are interested in providing venture capital for a start-up, assisting a firm in the IPO process, deciding on a merger or acquisition, a cross-selling opportunity, or even how to manage a mutual fund or hedge fund of technology stocks, they may find our corporate valuation, market/security analysis and equity offerings particularly helpful in such a dynamic environment.

ROG can help financial services companies address critical issues and questions such as:

         Should we enter or expand into a new business or service?

         Should we make this acquisition? How much should we offer?

         What will the impact of new technologies or competitors be on our investment opportunities? How would our competitors respond if we follow this strategy and what is the impact on our value?

         How can we balance our portfolio, or exploit mispriced opportunities?