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The recent (mis)valuations of high-tech growth stocks have highlighted the difficulty of valuing dynamic companies whose cash flows and future growth are uncertain. Companies with no foreseeable profits might enjoy significant valuations based on investors’ perceptions (or misperceptions) of their growth potential. While DCF is appropriate for valuing existing operations with rather predictable cash flows, Real Options Valuation is emerging as the most effective way to quantify the additional value of growth opportunities that may, to many investors, appear somewhat nebulous. Our Real Options Security Analysis can be useful in identifying companies whose growth potential is not properly priced in by the market and which are mispriced relative to comparable stocks (with comparable quality of management) in the same industry or sector. Mutual funds or hedge funds could find such a tool particularly valuable in their security selection and portfolio management activities.

From this perspective, we offer four types of services: Company Reports, Index/Sector Rankings, Sector Reports, and Online Security Analysis Services.