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Corporate Finance Advisory Services  

The multi-stage opportunity to go public in an IPO offering can benefit significantly from a proper real options analysis. Other decision-making processes in which companies recognize the implicit options in deals they’re doing include the venture capital and M&A negotiations. In such processes investors and managers face the difficult question of assessing value in a contingent, multistage setting with many embedded options under uncertainty. How do volatile markets, rapidly changing business dynamics and competitive interactions affect value in such cases?

Traditional DCF works well in stable environments where management is passively committed to a rigid plan. However, multi-stage deals such as venture capital, IPO's or M&A deals, and valuation of high-tech growth stocks (small caps or that may lack analyst coverage) may be dramatically influenced by the contingent nature of the evolving business dynamics. Managers and investors can enhance shareholder value through the creation and optimal management of strategic options to wait, stage, expand or exit a business. A collection of such multiple interacting options may be embedded in management’s dynamic and multi-stage strategic plans which necessitate use of our real options approach.

Our value proposition in corporate finance advisory rests on an unrivalled package of strategic, transactional and financial advisory services, uniquely linked with independent judgment and deep industrial/commercial insight. We strive to maintain genuine objectivity in our client’s long-term interest. In negotiating and carrying out an engagement for a client, we participate fully in the client’s corporate thinking, and take into account not just the immediate value and impact of the project, but its overall context and implications over a longer period of time. We work closely with management and other advisors, such as major investment banks, to leverage and complement their knowledge and ensure highest impact. We consciously foster senior management’s commitment to our recommendations and actively support implementation and skill building.

Our corporate finance advisory services concentrate on three main areas: IPO's and M&A Valuation Advisory, Private Fund Raising Advisory, and Fairness Opinions.