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Embarking on a career with the Real Options Group means joining a dynamic, expanding firm whose people, products and services are sharpening the cutting edge of corporate valuation and strategic thinking.

Our pioneering, multi-cultural team leads the transformation of Real Options from academic theory to management practice in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

With an unrivalled research capability and a network of Associates specializing in Real Options and allied subjects, we are more than just a consulting firm made up of faceless MBAs. As such, your individuality counts: your work experience or research interests will make the difference. From summer interns to experienced Ph.D.s or business managers, you will be selected on the basis of how you can complement and expand our offerings and ensure our continued leadership and growth.

In return we offer a good package and a chance to work with some of the finest minds in the business.

To apply for a position with ROG, please e-mail your CV to