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Our Advisory Boards

The Real Options Group is backed by a network of leading academics and corporate experts around the world, giving us unprecedented access to their expertise and insights in the field of Real Options and its application to corporate strategy.

Our Academic Advisory Board is honored to include some of the world’s leading financial thinkers, including Nobel Laureates Myron Scholes and Robert Merton, who, with the late Fischer Black, are the founding fathers of option pricing theory. The Academic Board also includes Real Options pioneers Avinash Dixit, of Princeton University, and Eduardo Schwarz of UCLA, both of whom have written highly-respected articles and books on the application of Real Options to corporate decision-making.

Academic Advisory Board

C. Baldwin (Harvard U.)

G. Constandinides (U. Chicago)

A. Dixit (Princeton U.)

R. C. Merton (Harvard U.)

S. A. Ross (MIT)

M. Scholes (Stanford U.)

E. Schwartz (UCLA)


ROG’s Corporate Advisory Board includes industry practitioners from leading companies from a variety of sectors. Their practical experience in applying Real Options thinking to disparate corporate projects is an invaluable resource at the disposal of the Real Options Group and its clients.

Corporate Advisory Board

R. Bulchandani (Morgan Stanley)

M. Dias (Petrobas)

S. Faiz (Texaco Inc)

M. Grandin (Canadian Pacific)

E. Grassi (European Bank)

M. Guidi (Eli Lilly)

D. Kellogg (Sprint)

M. Lombardi (FIAT)

M.W. Lund (Statoil)

M. Mangiagalli (Commerzbank)

A. S. Muralidhar (JP Morgan)

J. McCormack (Stern Stewart)

F. McNamara (ESB International)

M. Palermo (ERG Oil)

L. Pupillo (Telecom Italia)

G. Robel (The Boeing Company)

L. Scavo (Hoffman La Roche)

J. Smits (Philips Electronics)

J. Stonier (Airbus Industrie)

A. Van de Putte (Shell)

F. Zagarese (Glaxo Wellcome)