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Our Academic Associates

Our international network of Associates is a formidable addition to the ROG armory, ensuring that our clients will benefit from the latest academic thinking and research in real options as well as complementary fields such as game theory, portfolio management and risk analysis.

Associates are brought in to augment our in-house expertise and work on specific problems where their insights will prove most valuable for the client.

Below is a profile of some of our Academic Associates:


Stanford University 

Steven Grenadier is an Associate Professor of Finance at Stanford University.  His work focuses on real options, particularly the impact of competition and private information on option exercise decisions, the underpinnings of real estate cycles, and the valuation of lease contracts. He published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies and others. He has been co-editor of the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.  He is also a senior financial economist with Financial Engines, Inc., a Director of E*Trade Funds, and a consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies.


Stevens Institute of Technology

Fotios Harmantzis is an Assistant Professor of Telecommunications Management at Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ. He holds an M.Sc. in management science from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA in finance from the University of Toronto and New York University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. His interests are in the telecommunications, IT and financial/banking industries. More specifically he specializes on applications of real options in telecom and network decisions, as well as on quantitative research for equity valuation and portfolio management.  He is author of several articles and has been a frequent speaker in international conferences. His consulting experiences include organizations, financial institutions and hedge funds in North America.


WHU Koblenz

Arnd Huchzermeier is a Professor at the Graduate School of Business of WHU in Koblenz  Germany.  He taught at the University of Chicago, the Wharton School, INSEAD and the University of Vienna. He specializes in option evaluation models of managerial and operational flexibility in global supply chain networks, R&D ventures and start-up firms. He is the German Director of INSEAD's Best Factory/Industrial Excellence Award competition.  He consulted with prominent firms in the US (e.g., Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Siemens), Europe (e.g., BMW, Metro, Procter & Gamble) and Japan (Nomura Research Institute).


Helsinki University of Technology
Tomi Laamanen is Professor of Strategic Management at Helsinki University of
Technology. He specializes in the telecommunications industry, internet and e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, mergers and acquisitions, valuation of technology, and valuation of option portfolios. He has published a number of articles on acquisitions and real options. He has consulted in real options and strategy for Cable and Wireless, Nokia, Sonera, Elisa, Metso, UPM-Kymmene, Orion Pharma, and Aldata Solution. He is presently a board member at Aldata Solution and an advisory board member at Sonera and UPM-Kymmene.


Lancaster University
Bart Lambrecht is a Professor of Finance at Lancaster University and has been Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Cambridge (Judge Institute of Management Studies). He holds a PhD in financial economics from the University of Cambridge. He specializes on real options, with applications to strategic entry decisions, corporate restructuring (default, mergers and acquisitions) and the interaction between capital structure and product market competition.


Erasmus University and Eindhoven University of Technology

Onno Lint has been teaching at Erasmus University Rotterdam and at Eindhoven University of Technology. He specializes on technology assessment and R&D decision-making, especially real option valuation of R&D, portfolio management of R&D projects, and optimal timing of market entry with new technology under uncertainty. He has published several articles and book chapters on real options. Previously he set up his own consulting company and served over a hundred small and medium-sized enterprises on new product development. He has also consulted with British Steel Processing, Fokker Aircraft, ING Bank, McKinsey, and Thomson-CSF/HAS, Philips Electronics, KPN, and France Télécom.


University of Cyprus

Spiros H. Martzoukos is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Cyprus. He previously taught at George Washington University He specializes on real options valuation problems with high dimensionality and currency risk, and has innovated methods to model the value of research and other learning and strategic managerial intervention activities under incomplete information. He has previous consulting experience on real options with US companies and the World Bank.


Southern Methodist University

David C. Mauer is Professor of Finance and Chair of the Department of Finance at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.  He has published extensively on corporate financing and investment decisions, taxation, regulation and the theory of valuation, and he serves on the editorial board of Financial Management.  He has acted as consultant to a number of businesses on real options valuation.


Northwestern University 

Robert McDonald is Professor of Finance at Northwestern University. He was Finance Department chair from 1991-1994. Previously he taught at Boston University and the University of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT. His interests include corporate finance, derivatives, and real options. He published in leading journals, including early pioneering work on real options, and has won several research awards, including the Graham and Dodd Scroll from the Financial Analyst's Federation, the Smith-Breeden Prize from the Journal of Finance, and the Review of Financial Studies Prize from the Review of Financial Studies. Professor McDonald serves on several editorial boards, has been a consultant to a number of companies and is on the advisory board of Valuemetrics, Inc.


University of California at Berkeley

Jacob Sagi is Assistant Professor of Finance at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. He holds Ph.D.s in theoretical physics (1995) and financial economics (2000) from the University of British Columbia. He is a founding partner at RPOptions, Ltd., a Vancouver firm specializing in creating customized decision support tools. His consulting experiences include: risk-management software design for a utility, derivative pricing modelling on the gas-electricity ‘spark-spread’, call-center forecast modeling for two major Vancouver firms, and demand forecast modeling for major Canadian airline and railway companies. He is an Associate of the Real Options Group.


Columbia University

Sampsa Samila is a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University. He specializes in the theory of decision-making and inference, and the use of real options in decision analysis and strategy design. He has previously taught at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. He has consulted companies, including Sonera, on decision analysis, corporate venturing, real options and strategy.


Erasmus University

Han Smit is a Professor of Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam, and has been a visiting scholar at Boston University, Columbia University and Harvard University, and a fellow at NIAS (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences). His research interests are in the field of real options and corporate strategy, using a combination of real options and game theory to model competitive strategies. He published several articles in Financial Management and elsewhere and is currently preparing (with Trigeorgis) a book with Princeton U. Press. He has experiences applying real options in the oil, infrastructure, consumer electronics and other sectors.